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Manga Yandere

Welcome to this top 10 best yandere romance anime series yandere refers to those lovely sickly sweet to the object of their obsessive affection the truth is yandere girls are sweet but psycho. Qiara young s fantasy library where fantasy is the new reality.

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The character trope is not limited to women you know.

Manga yandere. Manga with male yandere lead main character. They are sick and they can do and use whatever methods just to be with the one they love. For many yandere characters romantic love drives their obsessive behavior.

Don t worry for those that hope their favorite yandere girls make this list we made sure we included some of the more deadly and popular yandere girls in manga out there. But that isn t the case for all yandere characters as rolo lamperouge from code geass is driven by brotherly love. All of these manga have all different age rating s.

If you would like to known more about manga and anime s age rating click here manga anime age rating s if you don t kown what a yandere is click here what is yandere meaning if you would like to known more about other dere type click here dere meaning s. Do you like yanderes with here are 10 manga s that includes them. Otome game with obtainable yandere character.

While he masquerades as lelouch s innocent and kind hearted little brother in actuality he s a heartless cold blooded killer. Rolo from code geass r2 is a perfect yandere anime guy in that he goes out and kills people who would dare get between him and his newfound brotherly love for lelouch even when lelouch would really prefer if he didn t go around killing those people. Another thing an awful lot of yandere lists are missing are some men in the picture.

These are yandere girls in manga who haven t been given the love they deserve and we here at honey s anime want to correct that. Anime with male yandere lead main character. Release 356 yjk 06 5 10 rental onii chan 14 15 kou 2 ni 27 isekai de skill 22 duque edit read more.

Yandere romance anime series.

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