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Manganese chemical element that is a silvery white hard brittle metal of group 7 in the periodic table. Manganese is a chemical element with the symbol mn and atomic number 25.

Manganese Science Chemistry Teaching Chemistry Element Chemistry

Most people can get adequate amounts of manganese from their diet.

Manganese. Manganese is a trace mineral that contributes to several bodily functions. Manganese is an essential trace element that is naturally present in many foods and available as a dietary supplement. It is considered an essential nutrient because the body requires it to function properly.

Manganese is a mineral that is found in several foods including nuts legumes seeds tea whole grains and leafy green vegetables. Learn more about its effects benefits and sources here. Overview information manganese is a mineral that is found in several foods including nuts legumes seeds tea whole grains and leafy green vegetables.

Historically manganese is named for pyrolusite and other black minerals from the. It is a very effective mineral for increasing the mineral density of the spinal column especially in post menopausal women. It is not found as a free element in nature not verified in body.

Although rarely used in pure form manganese is essential to steelmaking. Manganese is essential for the proper growth of human bone structure. Many women suffer from manganese deficiency after they go through menopause so increasing the intake of this trace mineral is an important factor in preventing fractures.

Manganese is a part of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase sod which is arguably one of the most important antioxidants in your body antioxidants help protect against free radicals. It was recognized as an element in 1774 by the swedish chemist carl wilhelm scheele. It is often found in minerals in combination with iron manganese is a transition metal with a multifaceted array of industrial alloy uses particularly in stainless steels.

Manganese is a cofactor for many enzymes including manganese superoxide dismutase arginase and pyruvate carboxylase 1 2.

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