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Shrimp Quiche With Cream Cheese Finnish Recipe

Finnish Shrimp Quiche With Cream Cheese Recipe

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This tasty shrimp quiche with cream cheese is perfect for a weekend brunch, dinner, or even a weeknight meal. It is delicious and easy to do. Let's get started

finnish shrimp quiche with cream cheese recipe

Ingredients ( 8 pcs )

  • 125 g of grated Emmental cheese/Swiss cheese (fat 27-30%)
  • 150 g of butter
  • 1 cup of wheat flour

  • 125g of Emmental cheese, grated
  • 250 g Shrimp, frozen (a bigger shrimp size can also be used accordingly)
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 1/2 cup of whipping cream
  • 50g fresh dill, chopped (or parsley/coriander as a substitute).

Shrimp Quiche Preparation

  • Number 1 Mix the soft butter and the grated cheese together.
  • Number 2 Add the flour into the mixture.
  • Number 3 Preheat the dough on the bottom and edges of the pie cheeses.
  • Number 4 Raise the bottoms in the refrigerator during the filling.
  • Number 5 Break the eggs into the bowl.
  • Number 6 Add cream and grated cheese.
  • Number 7 Mix until smooth.
  • Number 8 Add melted and drained shrimp and dill (about 150ml).
  • Number 9 Share filling with the pie cheese.
  • Number 10 Fry the shrimp puddle at 200C degrees for about 40 minutes until the filling has clothing.

If the surface of shrimp pits is too dark, put baking paper over them.

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